What Our Runners Say

“I started running during 2020 lockdown at the age of 64. My progress was slow and I found motivation wasn’t easy, so I searched for a local running group. Jog On was recommended. I joined their Summer Fun drop in sessions in 2021 to see if I liked it and found such wonderful support, and encouragement, that I signed up for the 5-10k running course.

My first 10k was at Lee Valley in 2021 and both Heather and Erica were there cheering us on. Not only have I made lots of friends, my fitness improved so much that I felt able to tackle a half marathon, completing my first one in October 2022. In March 2023 I knocked 4 whole minutes off my original 10k time. Has joining Jog On helped? My results speak for themselves. Bring on the next challenge!”



“Jog On has turned my dread of running into my favourite hobby. I started in the 5-10K group and completed my first 10K race and loved it. I then moved on to 10k and Beyond and entered my first half marathon.

Next came the ultimate challenge – the London Marathon in 2023. Erica and Heather wrote me my own marathon training plan which helped me prepare perfectly for the big day. I completed it in a great time.

I now know I can run whatever race I want thanks to the support and guidance from these two inspiring ladies.”


“Most of us are aware of the fitness and mental-health benefits of running. The extra dimension Jog On brings is community. To Heather and Erica everyone is a runner. They embrace all their Jog Oners and shower them with encouragement, support and laughter! Erica and Heather have created something very special and I’m delighted to be part of it.”


“I was SO nervous to join a C25K running group. In week one we all tried hard to say who was the least fit! The course has been one of the best things I’ve done, gaining a great group of new friends and working with Heather and Erica, who teach us great running tips and their humour and smiles make each run seem so easy. Go for it – I did!!”


“I joined Jog On during a career break, whilst I had lived in Berkhamsted for over 15 years – I really only knew a few faces from the kids playground. Jog On not only became a key part of my weekly routine, but introduced me to some great new friends. After 2 rounds of 5-10k, I asked whether it was possible to set up a new group – the 10k improvers and by the beginning of the next term it was up and running! I couldn’t recommend Jog On enough – whether you are a beginner or looking to get a PB on your next marathon – there’s something for everyone, and always with a laugh.”


“I’ve been running at the same ploddy speed for years but was keen to see if I could go a bit faster so I joined JogOn’s 10k Improvers course. The sessions are run enthusiastically by Erica and Heather with a great mix of fun, technique, hills and sprint reps. Aside from getting fitter, having fun, getting muddy and meeting lots of people I’ve managed to knock more than 5 minutes off my previous best half marathon time and incorporated the sessions much more in to my training. I’d highly recommend JogOn if you want to get better at running!”


“My Jog On journey started as a beginner in September 2016. It took me several goes to actually pluck up the courage to join. I suffer with anxiety and depression so it was a big deal to step out of my comfort zone. I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’ve not looked back! I’m much healthier physically and mentally now than I have been for years and am currently part of the Half Marathon group, having worked up through the other courses. This is definitely a way of life for me now and I’m truly grateful to Jog On for that.”


Jog On Sarah Testimonial Running and Mental Health

“If I’d asked past Nigel, when doing my 1st parkrun at Aylesbury, if future Nigel would return there 6 years later and do it again as his 160th parkrun as part of a 21 mile run, I think I’d have given up then in part dread and part hysterical laughter

Over 10,850 km later, and 100+ other races done from 5k’s to Marathons, none of it would have ever happened if I hadn’t responded to a Jog On Facebook post advertising their Couch to 5K course while I sat comfortably on the sofa at Christmas 2016. On this one occasion, Facebook was good for my future mental and physical health.”


“Run 90 seconds they said, never thought I would be still running a year later. Erica and Heather are a true inspiration and very funny. Never think you can’t as they know you can and will help you achieve that 5k goal. You are never too slow, old or at that back and they never leave anyone behind. I am like the tortoise, I’m not the fastest but I can now call myself a runner and that is my achievement.”


“The Strength for Runners course has been a brilliant addition to the Jog On courses.  I’ve noticed a positive difference in my running style, I feel a lot stronger, and most importantly I’ve had loads of fun at the classes.  Erica and Heather have created a really friendly and supportive atmosphere, you work at your own ability and if you can’t do one particular exercise there’s always an alternative.   I will definitely be signing up for another term!”


“I joined Jog On’s Beginners course as the thought of helping to raise money for the Hospice of St Francis who had cared for my late wife motivated me to start running. I did not, however, anticipate how fun, supportive and professional Erica and Heather and the Jog On community would be. A year later running and Jog On are part of my life and I feel so much better for it.”


JOg On Holly from Beginner to Marathon Runner
“I can never thank Jog On (Heather and Erica) enough. I thought I couldn’t run. I signed up to a course in September and managed to run the London Marathon (for the charity that saved my son’s life) the next April. Everyone is so supportive, no one cares how fast/slow you are or what you look like in running gear. I have never laughed so much and I feel amazing.”


“The course was perfect for someone like me. Fun, easy to begin with, everyone in the same boat. Yet pushing us all gently forward towards this mythical Park Run. Each class, each homework, each week I came away from running feeling better. Less anxious, more confident, and I enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe I looked forward to the classes and did the homework religiously. I signed my boys up to do the first park run with me. We all absolutely loved it. The atmosphere in the car driving home was ecstatic.”


Anya Running Story
“I took up Jog On in January 2018. I was feeling sluggish and tired as well as, quite frankly, heavy. The weekly commitment to the class and the connections I made upon joining the course gave me momentum to become motivated and keep going. As I lost weight, 2 and half stone over 26 weeks, the running became easier and much more enjoyable (as did my new figure). I would recommend Jog On for all round enjoyment, moving out of the comfort zone, improved running, friendships and to help to get in shape!”


“Body Blitz is the perfect complement to Erica and Heather’s running courses. Each week the sessions change, yet I always laugh my way through all of the cardio and strength exercises and know that I am getting a really great workout, which has really improved my fitness for running. A great course where fun and fitness go hand in hand!”


“I decided to start running with Heather and Erica at Jog On to try and improve my overall health and fitness. I started on the Couch to 5k course which was perfect for me because the first run we did was literally 30 seconds long. Even I could do that so I guess anyone can. After a few weeks we were ready for our first 5k which we did at Aylesbury Park Run. It was really fun, we were surrounded by like minded people and there was a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I enjoyed it so much that I then signed on for Jog On 10k course. I now run 10K once a week and am very happy doing it. I can highly recommend Jog On to any man or woman who wants to feel better and finally shed some pounds.”