Virtual Courses Terms and Conditions


Full payment in advance must be made prior to each Jog On Virtual course. This includes access to the Jog On Virtual running course for a period of 16 weeks, after which you will no longer have access.  Payment buys you a training plan with three separate runs, access to a private members Facebook group, a library of running related videos, and confidential contact with an England Athletics coach via e-mail.

Courses are not transferable to any other person or from one course to another.

Refunds and Cancellations

Once a Jog On Virtual course has been purchased it is not cancellable or refundable.


By taking part in any Jog On training course you:

  • Confirm that you are in good health and capable of participating in a running training programme for the purpose of improving your fitness and reaching your goals.
  • Understand and accept the risks of participating in any physical activity and have consulted a practicing medical physician to verify your ability to undertake a running training programme if you are in any doubt as to your suitability to the course.
  • Seek professional advice if you experience illness, medical complications or injury.
  • By undertaking the course you are confirming that you have read and understood that you are voluntarily engaging in exercise that involves a risk of injury. Jog On accepts no liability for any such injury, however sustained.
  • If you feel discomfort or pain, immediately stop the activity causing this.

Social Media

  • All posts on our Jog On and Jog On Chat Facebook groups should be constructive in nature and relevant to running related issues.
  • All users must have a valid account that is tied to their personal identity.


Jog On provides you with running advice and suggested training runs. Fitness levels, running times and completion of a course are your responsibility and not the responsibility of Jog On.


Any duplication, reproduction, or reuse of any information from the Jog On Virtual Running Courses  is strictly prohibited.


Jog On reserves the right to refuse registration or terminate the services if you violate the terms of this agreement.