Head First

How Jogging On is good for your head as well as your legs As we’re always saying, “Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going”. Sometimes it’s much more complicated than that …

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Magnificent Seven

The different types of running we should all include in our training. Snow White, David Beckham and running all have one very important thing in common…the number 7. For the fairy tale princess, it was her trusty dwarfs, for the England football captain it was his lucky shirt and for …

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Recovery After a Race

finishing a race

CONGRATULATIONS – you did it!  After all those months of training the day finally came and you completed that race you’ve been aiming for. So now what….(besides texting all your friends whilst simultaneously eating chocolate and drinking your favourite hydrating tipple !)? Often the focus is purely on the race itself, …

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Resolve to Run

New Years Resolutions - resolve to run

Come January and the congestion down our country lane is horrific –there’s no place to pass let alone accelerate. And it’s not cars that are to blame but joggers…everywhere you look there are men and women jamming up the roads in an attempt to get fit. They normally emerge from …

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